PhotoComplete 1.2.2

Un programa de prueba para Mac‚ por Funkypixels

PhotoComplete es una aplicación fantástica y de prueba para Mac creada por Funkypixels.

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PhotoComplete es una aplicación fantástica y de prueba para Mac creada por Funkypixels.

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Desde que añadimos la aplicación a nuestra colección en 2012, ya ha conseguido 125 descargas, y durante la última semana consiguió 0 descargas.

Esta aplicación funciona en dispositivos móviles con sistema operativo Mac OS X o posterior, y solo está disponible en Inglés. La versión de la aplicación es 1.2.2 y su última actualización fue en 17/06/2012.

Respecto a PhotoComplete, es un programa que requiere mucho menos espacio que la mayoría de las aplicaciones de su categoría.

Whether you're an amateur just looking to dip your feet a bit deeper into the world of photo editing, or more serious photographer looking for a quick and easy to use tool that can handle a large percentage of your editing needs, PhotoComplete could be for you.

PhotoComplete's intuitive photo editing interface allows you to concentrate on the job at hand, without getting in the way, yet still has the power and flexibility necessary to allow you to achieve professional quality results.

PhotoComplete's unique all-in-one-window interface lets you concentrate on achieving the look you want in a photo without having to wade through a sea of pop-up windows or a myriad of confusing options.

Choose from a selection of different actions that may be used to edit a photo. Each action remains editable at all times - if you change your mind about something at any point, just change it - no need to worry about losing any other edits you've applied before or after.

All the standard photo editing features you'd expect to find, such as crop and resize, color and contrast enhancement, and sharpening are present, along with some welcome extras like noise reduction which you'd normally only find in much more expensive applications.

PhotoComplete's easy to use features don't come at the expense of quality. All the editing operations are performed using 16-bit data (instead of the 8-bits that most editors use), and the high quality color management ensures that what you see on the screen really is what you get.

Once you've got a photo looking how you want it, save it in one of the standard formats (JPEG, TIFF or PNG) or upload it to to share it with your family and friends.



PhotoComplete 1.2.2

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